New racy TLDs, more defensive domain-buys

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I've been talking about this one for a while around the new .xxx top-level-domain. Simply put, some organizations such as my old employer consider a certain string of characters to be their trademark regardless of what follows the . in the name. This is why WWU had at the time I left mid twenties of domains that all redirect to The same will happen with .xxx

And also with .sex, .adult and .porn.

Each new TLD means yet another domain to buy defensively.

For the extremely cash-strapped non-profit, now entering year 5 of shrinking or stagnating budgets, such forced trademark defense expenses are highly resented.

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Tipping the Internet's irony meter, ICM has stated that it's bid to acquire those other gTLDs is a "defensive" move, to preserve the value of ".xxx", maintain the high standards of it's registration process, and ensure reservations for existing ".xxx" TLD owners.

That translates to: ICM wanted to maintain their current monopoly, enabling them to charge their outrageous fees three more times from all the entities who are defensively registering these domain names.

The vast bulk of ".xxx" domains are simply defensive measures, and the fees for those are little more than extortion. Other have written about this many times over. In this new round of domain names ICM is hoping to extort three times the fees from these same companies who will probably rush to defend their names again.

Even the adult industry understands the extortive purpose of these TLDs; lawsuits have been slung by such giants as Manwin Licensing International. One of the lawsuits alleges antitrust against ICANN, the "non-profit" entity that manages much of the Internet.

It's a sad time for the Internet as the core management as abandoned it's legally mandated "democratic process" as it "did not produce results amenable to the current Board". It is undoubtedly time for change, as those entrusted to govern the Internet have turned to extortion and abused our trust.