A complaint

This came across on a private twitter feed, otherwise I'd attribute the bejebers out of this one.
I know it's not my field, and probably not yours if you're a regular around here, but even I have noticed a steady uptick in ninja rockstars on job postings for people who do software engineering all day.

So, so true.

That said, it does bring up an opportunity for when you need a brush an employer off for being too skeevy.

"I'm sorry, it turns out I'm not a good fit for $Company. I'm more of a rockstar, not a ninja."


Amen! As a younger developer it annoys me to no end when I see this. It's immature, almost condescending and not professional. There's a level of 'hip' that's fine, but it's getting embarrassing to be in the field.

The 'startup' and 're-visioned' companies look more like an Animal House fraternity where admittedly, they may have some smart people - I'd rather hang out with the "Lambda" types (that may be lost on some).

To `expound` - it's a big turn off when a company lists like that because they're in a sense, appealing to the egotistical side of prospects...