A change in mind-share, or just a mistake?

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Today while running through my feeds, I ran across an article describing how nifty Windows 8 Server will be for storage. And tripped when I got to the following line:

The new OS will support Hyper-V and SQL Server running over the Samba file sharing protocol Server Message Block (SMB) v2.2, including remote direct memory access (RDMA) over Ethernet and InfiniBand.


The Samba file-sharing protocol? Since when?

Perhaps this is what happens when a linux-person writes an article on a Windows technology. Who knows.

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Considering how much Microsoft watches and emulates their competition in an effort to keep that competition at bay, I'd say this is just part of that process. Perhaps they felt they were losing control of 'their' protocol and that they have a better chance of controlling it if they follow the terminology change.
Microsoft has been a sponsor to at least one open oource conference (FSOSS.ca 2010) where they did make a big deal of having adopted PHP in a number of places and being much more open to open source in general.
Could this be the beginnings of the path to Windows be coming open source in a decade plus? and/or the guts of Windows becoming *nix based like the Mac OS?