RDesktop from Linux to Server 2008+

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The historic 'rdesktop' product (located here) hasn't been updated in a while, and critically lacks support for a major new feature Microsoft introduced in 2008. Network-level authentication. This enhancement requires a login to even connect the RDP session. The rdesktop client hasn't been able to support this, so for my servers that I wish to RDP to I have to remember to turn that off.

Happily, the FreeRDP fork of rdesktop now has support for NLA. It's in the GIT repo, not the stable branch, but it is there. The next stable version should have support for NLA.


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I don't use NLA, but it's good to know that freeRDP exists and does that. Rdesktop however supports connecting to a RDP session as far as I know. You just need to use -0 (minus zero) switch. Unless it's another "feature" from MS I don't know of.