Data Protector deduplication

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When last I looked at HP Data Protector deduplication, I was not impressed. The client-side requirements were a resource hungry joke, and were seriously compromised by Microsoft failover clusters.

I found a use-case for it last week. We have a server in a remote office across a slow WAN link. Backing that up has always been a trial, but I had the right resources to try and use dedupe and at least get the data off-site.

Sometime between then and now (v6.11) HP changed things.

The 'enhincrdb' directory I railed against is empty. Having just finished a full and incremental backup I see that the amount of data transferred over the wire is exactly the same for full and incremental backups, but the amount of data stashed away is markedly different. Apparently the processing to figure out what needs to be in the backup has been moved from the client to the backup server, which make this useless over slow links.

It means that enhanced incremental backups will take just as long as the fulls do, and we don't have time for that on our larger servers. We're still going to stick with an old fashioned Full/Incremental rotation.

It's an improvement in that it doesn't require such horrible client-side resources. However, this implementation still has enough quirks that I just do not see the use-case.

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ZFS deduplication really does the job! Or sometime dedup is not what you are after compress your data will be faster (ZFS does it as well!)