XKCD, let's see how we did...

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XKCD University Website, annotated The blue underlines are items that are on our front page, the gold underlines are items that are linked directly from the front page. I happen to know you can get to some of the other items directly from the front page, but they're not labeled in any way that you'd ever expect to get there from the top. I marked those in psychic white.

University front pages are a mismash of competing goals.
  • Current students looking for information
  • Marketing: attracting new students
  • Marketing: keeping Alumni engaged and giving
  • Marketing: attracting community interest in campus events
This is why we have a large, hard to miss link on the right side of the page for logging in to MyWestern. That's our portal where more of the right-side venn-diagram stuff can be found.

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This caused much hilarity for us yesterday too. There must have been enough global IT department head-nodding yesterday to have caused a small earth tremor.