I've been at this a while, part 2

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I'm on vacation right now, so posting is light. However, that still isn't stopping my subconscious from bringing work here. Therefore, I NEED this vacation. Anyway.

This morning just before waking up I had a dream. I was in a car, driving, with another person. On our way to somewhere I needed to drop off a letter at the post-office. Whilst driving there my brain was trying to figure out how that would work. Post office.. port 25... obviously that would be a teller window with 'port 25' over it. Right?


Er, no. Even in my dream fogged state it realized that wasn't how it was supposed to work, so when we got there I dropped said letter into a regular old blue post-box.

Which in turn brought visions of SMTP routing and spam filters.


This vacation. I neeeeeds it.

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Your dream reminded me of a Buttersafe comic from the other day: