Restrictive internet policies

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A friend of mine griped today:
In a stroke of utter WTF-ness... my workplace has blocked access to
It's not so WTF for me as I can see why it was blocked. LinkedIn is seen as a tool for people looking to transition jobs. So if you're blocking Monster and Dice, then LinkedIn is right up there with it. The fact that it also is a useful way to network for business is beside the point. From earlier gripes, this particular workplace is on a crusade to block all social-networking sites. I only saw this post because of email-to-post gateways, and they haven't blocked gmail yet.

It is situations like these that give rise to the scenario I described back in June: I Want my SSH. Additionally, a lot of social networking sites are publishing apps for the various app-driven smartphones out there. For users willing to invest a bit of money into it, corporate firewalls are no longer the barrier to slacking they once were.

1 Comment

Slackers will always find a way.