Novell federates with Google

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It seems that Novell is the first company out of the gate to interoperate with Google Wave. Meet Novell Pulse. Like wave, it'll be a cloud-hosted service for enterprise collaboration at first, but will come out in a software package later. Not at all surprisingly, this will be a commercial product Novell will attempt to make bank with. Also, it is not open source. Unlike Google, Novell makes its money from subscription costs not advertising.

That said, with Pulse offering interoperability with Wave, it is entirely possible for extra-organizational users to collaborate with in-organization users on specific items. Sort of an Open-ID enabled version of SharePoint perhaps. This could be good.

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I was watching the demo, it actually looks more mature and comprehensive than Wave is right now. I am impressed that Novell is finally getting ahead of things here. Hopefully they'll get a little more press for this.