You can tell I've been at this a while

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Last night while I was sleeping, I had a dream. In my dream I was at my desk at work. I picked up my flashlight for some reason and just then the power decided to drop. DARKNESS. And the UPS alarm in the distance. This was concerning since my workstation is on a power outlet attached to the datacenter UPS, so if my computer was out, chances were real good the entire datacenter was also down. Very bad.

Happily I just happened to have my flashlight in hand! So I powered on and went to the datacenter door. But my access card wouldn't work. The card-reader has its own internal battery, so it not reading me at all, or even giving me the access-denied angry-beep, was doubly bad. Happily, coworker dropped by and could get in so I ghosted on in behind him. The room was noisy and had all the right lights. But the UPS was still alarming. Not surprising, it's supposed to do that.

Then I woke up. I checked the clock, still had power. And there was a beep in the distance.

A smoke alarm was crying for a new battery. At 5:30am. It's just a single beep, but it seems my unconscious mind interpreted that as a UPS alarm even though those are ususally three beeps.

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You need a vacation. :)