Windows 7 and NetWare CIFS

Now that RC1 is out we're trying things. Aaaaaand it doesn't work, even when set to the least restrictive Lan Man authentication level. Also? Windows 7 has a lot more NTLM tweakables in the policy settings that we don't understand. But one thing is clear, Windows 7 will not talk to NetWare CIFS out of the box. The Win7 workstation will need some kind of tweaks.

I may need to break out Wireshark and see what the heck is going on at the packet level.

Life on the bleeding edge, I tell you.

Update: Know what? It was a name-resolution issue. It seems that once you went to the resource with its FQDN rather than the short name, the short names started working. Kind of odd, but that's what did it. A bit of packet sniffing may illuminate why the short-name method didn't work at first (it should) which just might illuminate either a bug in Win7, or a simple feature of Windows name-resolution protocols.

The only change that needed to be made was drop the LAN Manager Authentication Level to not offer NTLMv2 responses unless negotiated for it.


Worked like a charm, stroke of genius.Thanks for finding this and publishing it.

We'd already had this issue with Vista so had made the change to LAN Manager Authentication Level. Tried \\netware-w.test.local\data instead of \\netware-w\data and still cannot get through to it :(

Thanks a ton for blogging this, it was very handy and helped me immensely

Please create this dword (32-bit) entry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Lsa]


It will be run under Windows Vista also Windows7 even ino the 64-bit