Novell has canceled BrainShare 2009

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I didn't find out about it until this morning, as I was snowed in yesterday and wasn't paying as much attention as I should. But still. I'm one of those people who cited travel-budget shortages for not coming. This is major news!

This begs the question, "is BrainShare dead, or just this year?"

It could be either, but from what I'm hearing in the Novell Forums it sounds like there are still plans to put on a BrainShare 2010, should conditions improve. I can't go to BrainShare 2010, those aforementioned economic concerns ($5.6Bn budget shortfall in the state budget for fiscal 09-11), so it's kind of moot for me. But still.

There is a lot of stuff going on over in the forums. As they're web-based these days, and the interface doesn't suck, I might be able to link to interesting bits. In another post.

Still. duuuuuuuuuuuude.

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Wow. When I read this on Slashdot, I was totally stunned. A dark day for Novell and Netware.