Dorm printing

On my post about finally running vista patrickbuller asked:
So you have printers that students in the dorms can print to? Wow. Do you audit all those and charge the numbers of pages against the student?
The answer to that is that we make big use of AND Technology's PCounter product. When paired with their PrintStations, it makes a very nice way to put a lid on unrestricted 'free' printing in the dorms. The PrintStations also make sure that only jobs people want to pick up get printed, which saves a serious amount of paper.

PCounter is core to our student printing. We'll only move our NDPS/iPrint infrastructure over to OES2-linux when Pcounter is supported on that platform, not before. We'll keep a 2 node NetWare cluster around just for printing if we have to. Since accounting support is one of the features that's supposed to be in OES2-SP1, it is my hope that PCounter will support OES2-Linux within a year after SP1's release. But I haven't heard any specifics.


We are planning on using PaperCut for our print quota needs. We are currently in the process of setting up a test server to see how it will work. The other company mentioned in the Novell press release was if that helps you at all.

have a look at gpas, it ties in with novell iprint perfectly, i'd explain more but the webpage suddenly wiped my post and i cant be bothered to write it all out again, a quick google should get you more info, heres a link to another university that uses it : short gpas sits on sles servers, secure connections, supports online payments, can do printing to pcs and macs and linux workstations, ties into edirectory perfectly and our current novell single sign on/universal password/ identity management