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The EVAs are scheduled to deliver today! This means that we are very probably going to be taking almost every IT system we have down starting late Friday 9/5 and going until we're done. We have a meeting in a few minutes to talk strategy.

There was some fear that the gear wouldn't get here in time for the 9/5 window. The 9/12 window has one of the key, key people needed to handle the migration in Las Vegas for VMWorld, and he won't be back until 9/21 which also screws with the 9/19 window. The 9/19 window is our last choice, since that weekend is move-in weekend and the outage will be vastly more noticeable with students around. Being able to make the 9/5 window is great! We need these so badly that if we didn't get the gear in time, we'd have probably done it 9/12 even without said key player.

The one hitch is if HP can't do 9/5-6 for some reason. Fret. Fret.

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What kind of EVA's are you implementing? I'm about to get my hands dirty with an EVA8100