Novell Client for Vista, the ecosystem

I just reported a bug in the beta that surprised me. I can't talk details about it, but it strikes me as the kind of bug that should have been at least reported shortly after the client released. Perhaps it was just so overall buggy that it got lost in the forest, but still. The Vista client has been out for some time now.

Having said the following rant several times over the past few days, I figure it's time to post it ;).

The problem we're running in to is that the number of users of the Vista Client is a small, small sub-set of the overall users of the Novell Client, which are by now a minority of overall users of Novell NCP file-servers. Novell spent years hyping 'clientless' approaches to file-serving, through the CIFS stack on NetWare. A lot of places bought in to that. Because of this, the percentage of NCP-client Vista users among the overall Novell File-Server market is a rather small one.

And small means you don't get a lot of testing done by people-who-are-not-us, and seemingly obvious bugs showing up in the beta Sp1 builds. I don't have any Vista workstations, so I've done exactly zero testing of the Vista Client; this particular bug was reported and troubleshot by someone who is not me (I just filed it). Even though we have beta builds of the Vista client as part of this beta, I'm not testing it. All things considered, I probably should.

Since we're wedded hard to the Novell Client, it's probably time for us to start devoting resources to the ecosystem in order to keep it alive.


What's the motivation to use Vista at all? I suppose the 64-bit support, but still... I can't find any features I need, only niceties.Have you read much on the Domain Services for Windows coming with OES2SP1?Tom

I've been playing around with Vista on VMware machine while I'm waiting for data to copy to the new cluster. Client maps drives, and ZEN pushes icons to the explorer, but not to the desktop...iprint seems to work, outside of that, I just can't figure out why I want to use it...XP does the job.

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The biggest reason we're having to deploy Vista (outside of 64-bit) is that some manufacturers are no longer providing support for XP on many of their newer desktops and laptops. Not everyone is as nice as Dell :(Also sadly XP's general support is ending in approx 9 months. We cannot afford to purchase the extended support from MS. Therefore management wants us testing and deploying to key user groups -now- rather than waiting until the last minute and risking some silly XP bug that won't be fixed outside of general support.