Dynamic partitions in Server 2008 and Cluster

It would seem, and I've yet to trace down definitive proof of this, that Windows Server 2008 Clustering still has the Basic Partitioning dependency in it. This limits Windows LUNs to 2TB, among other annoyances. Such as the fact that resizing one of those puppies requires a full copy onto a larger LUN rather than extending the one you already have. How... 1999.


You can use GPT partition tables on Basic Disks, which gives you 64 bit disk addresses instead of the 32 bit addresses in an MBR partition table, but you won't be able to boot off a disk using GPT unless your system has EFI instead of the traditional PC BIOS.

Oh, and you can also extend and shrink volumes on basic disks. I just did it on a clustered basic disk on Windows 2008. For unknown reasons the GUI had extend grayed out, but it worked from the command line.