Backing up NSS, note for the future

According to this documentation, the storing of NSS/NetWare metadata in xattrs is turned off by default. You turn it on for OES2 servers through the "nss /ListXattrNWMetadata" command. This allows linux level utilities (i.e. cp, tar) to be able to access and copy the NSS metadata. This also allows backup software that isn't SMS enabled for OES2 to be able to backup the NSS information.

This is handy, as HP DataProtector doesn't support NSS backup on Linux. I need to remember this.


Umm, I think it does. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I think you just have to edit /opt/omni/.omnirc (not sure of the file) and add NSS to the list of filesystems that DataProtector should work with.The idea is that if DP finds a filesystem it's not sure about, it skips it assuming that it's a network file share. I've whinged once or twice to request NSS be included as a default on the Linux build of DP but I guess not enough people are logging support calls for that as a feature request.

Sorry, the file was /usr/omni/bin/.util

We are using HP DataProtector 5.5 with the PHSS_36291, PHSS_36293 and QXCM1000776433_TM1 patches. Those patches were written on our request and they provide TSAFS/NSS support for OES backups. It works, but I'm not happy with it, basically I think HP dataprotectors agents are filled with memoryleaks no matter which OS.Our plan is to start using rsync with xattr preservation to make backups to one or multiple "cheap" MSA2000 SAN(s).I have yet to see an "enterprise" backup solution that does not suck.