OES2 SP1 timing

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Novell just posted the third draft of their OES2 Best Practices guide. Which you can locate here. In that guide is this text:
Domain Services for Windows, which is scheduled to ship with OES 2 SP1 (currently scheduled for late 2008), will also offer some clear advantages.
"Late 2008" means they WILL NOT have SP1 out by August of 2008. This means that the upgrade of our 6 node cluster to OES will have to wait until 2009. Grrarrr!

Another 21 months of a 32-bit operating system on the single biggest storage consumer on campus. We'll have at least one hardware refresh before then for some of the nodes, and... boy I hope they have NetWare drivers for that. The very limited testing I did with NetWare-in-Xen was not encouraging from a performance stand-point. If it looks like I'll have to deploy that way for the next servers we get in the cluster, I'll have to do more real testing to characterize the performance hit (if any). The idea of a 64-bit memory space for file-caching makes me drool. Not getting it for 21 months is painful.

That said, if Novell releases the eDirectory enabled AFP server for OES2-Linux outside of the service-pack I could still make the 2008 window. That's our only dependency for SP1.

Update (09/08/08): Looks like 'late October' is the date for SP1's release. Should be in public beta before then.

Update (12/03/08): It's out!

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I'm sharing you pain with AFP support. And it's sad that Novell have done this before with netware 5.x when we had to wait Native File Access Pack for AFP-support.