I didn't realize it was this bad.

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A while back Novell held an online survey about YaST usage. They've just released results.

Right at the top, in the demographics section are the results for the 'gender' question.

Men = 97.7%, Women = 2.3%

Ow. Women are 2.3%? Jeez.

These sorts of surveys are FAR from scientific. But still, such a STRONG bias is rather disheartening. I know the BrainShare crowd is somewhere between 4:1 to 6:1 Men-to-Women (don't have exact numbers). That said, most of the women I meet there are there for either Identity Management or GroupWise. The audiences for sessions on high Linux geekery (like for Clusters or HA computing) are... very male.

Just looking at that chart makes me wince. Yeesh.

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well, if my groups' task for the next year wasn't "get us off of netware", i'd see if i could go to brainshare and help with that ratio. on the other hand, i've just been tasked with "maybe we could keep zenworks and iprint and ifolder, just as utilities on active directory!" so, who knows.