That... is a lot of connections!

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Oh, NetWare fans, take a look at this:
MONITOR Snapshot of an impressive number. Concurrent Connections = 13075Yep. Check the Concurrent Connections number. That is a very big number. During term we run between 1500 and 4000 concurrent connections. Yet... that is way above that. What's more, going into the Novell Remote Manager, I find this pair of very interesting numbers:

Connection Slots Allocated: 44000
Connection Slots Being Used: 43982

Looking at the connections shows me what the problem is. All those 'extra' connections are for the user account that allows MyWeb (what you're reading this through ultimately) to work. Somehow... and this is a guess... mod_edir seems to be creating a new connection for each request coming in, rather than reusing the old ones. Or perhaps it isn't cleaning up after itself. Probably since I put SP6 in.

This would explain why this particular server has an unreasonably high memory allocation to CONNMGR. Must Poke More.

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Yeah, if I'd seen that on one of my Novell servers, I would've flipped! But, OTH, think of it this way... The Novell server could actually handle that kind of connection load and still function. How many other vendors could say that?