Mod_edir issues again

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As I mentioned last week, I'm seeing a LOT of connections related to mod_edir. Late Friday I updated to the 1.0.13 build, which updates from 1.0.12 that comes with SP6. That doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. On the plus side, it would seem that the mod_edir developers know of this problem. On the down side, I don't see a fix.

Right now I'm suspecting libc, as that's been my problem in the past. Perhaps the connection tear-down code in mod_edir isn't "taking" somehow.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can call in an incident against mod_edir, or if I'll have to work with the devs (somehow) and call in against libc. If I reboot the web-servers every couple of days that causes the connections to close, but that is not a fun solution.

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Are you using Mod_eDir over TCP/IP or to an internal socket?Perhaps you can try TCP socket recycling (if you haven't done already).btw. i love your blog ;)goestin @ g mail [dot] com