SSL puzzler resolved!

The anonymous commenter on the previous post nailed it. Disabling TLS in firefox & seamonkey removed the delay. Now that they've mentioned it, I knew this! This is one of the reasons why we're discouraging students from using Vista! I just didn't know that the newer Mozilla browsers were also affected by NetWare's inability to do TLSv1.


I did the same thing to speed up iManager, which performed slightly better than photoshop on a mac SE/30. After that, it's nice and zippy.I shouldn't have to disable anything to get Novell's tools to work, however...

Today I managed to get my hands on a release candidate version of the wsock6m patch I mentioned in my previous comment. It definitely resolved the problem here, including with Windows Vista. I was bold and applied it to my production GroupWise WebAccess server. That server is working much better now! I was told that there is a possibility that this patch will be released next week. Guess we'll see.

FYI: the wsock6m patch (which includes the fixed nile.nlm) was released today.