The OES2 push, what it means to me.

With the release of OES2 pushed to Christmas, or possibly BrainShare 2008, I'm in a hard spot. The magnitude of this migration means that I have one period a year I can pull that off, and that is the last week in August and the first two weeks of September. If I don't have code in that period, I can't migrate. Period.

As I learned at BrainShare this year, the Apple Filing Protocol stack on OES2-Linux is not eDirectory integrated. This is a project stopper for us, so we need that to be in place before we migrate. They quoted us, "Possibly SP1 timeframe, definitely not first-customer-ship, but don't hold us to it." They learned of the AFP problem at BrainShare and said they'd get right on it to try and get that in. That told me that summer 2008 would be the earliest I could expect to have the eDir integrated AFP stack.

Since I don't think Novell is planning on pushing OES2 ship to summer 2008, I suspect the AFP stack will be in with SP1. I consider it likely that OES2 SP1 will ship about the same time as SLE10 SP2. Which means I have real strong doubts that I'll be doing an OES2-Linux migration during next year's intersession. So we'll probably end up staying on NetWare for file-serving at least until 2009. In 2009 those NetWare servers may very well be in either an ESX or Xen virtual container, but it'll still be the 32-bit NetWare code doing the serving. That said, the web and print services (MyFiles, MyWeb, iprint) may move earlier, as they do not have the same AFP dependency.

Our storage needs on the WUF cluster are already pushing the boundaries of the 32-bit memory space. I'd be a lot happier of I could throw another 2 gigs of RAM at the file-servers in order to keep their cache-levels at a good spot. Can't do that on 32-bit NetWare, at least not while expecting improved performance. In 2009 we'll be managing anywhere from 12 to 18 terabytes of data on WUF, with a good chunk of it active. That is a situation that screams for 64-bit limits to memory space in order to provide zippy performance.

Thus, I am worried. Please, Novell. Ship at Christmas. It'll make my schedules look a LOT less grim.


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From where did you hear that OES2 is pushed out to Christmas? I heard directly from Jeff Jaffe within the last week that September is the target.

A Cool Blogs post suggested that a public beta would be out soon, maybe. Having a public beta cycle seems to me to add a few months to what I had assumed (i.e. no public beta, direct from closed beta to release), and that landed it "end of Q4" rather than "end of Q3" like I'm hearing is the real target.