OES2: pushed several months

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A new post up on Cool Blogs shows where OES2 is sitting:


To quote from one of the comments by the author:
There will be a public beta. It might take couple of months more for a public beta.
This blows my schedule. From the sounds of it, they're looking at a Christmas or possibly BrainShare 2008 release. We'll have to put NetWare inside ESX server instead of a Xen paravirtualization. Due to this delay, and the presumed SP1 schedule, chances are now much worse for Novell to make the summer intersession 2008 migration window.


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Crap indeed. Thankfully I'm not up against the time window that you are. I'm didn't plan on moving to OES2/eDir8.8 until next summer anyway, but being able to muck around with OES2 would be very helpful for future planning.