A peeve

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I've ranted previously about why I don't like Firefox. I use Seamonkey.

I'm also using openSUSE 10.2 for my work desktop.

OpenSUSE has compiled Seamonkey as a 64-bit package, rather than 32-bit. This made flash a rather dodgy thing until Adobe released v9 for Linux. Unfortunately, Adobe has yet to release a 64-bit version of flash so I'm stuck using NSPluginwrapper to get flash. And since flash is on about, oh, 80% of commercial web pages it gets loaded a lot.

Something, somewhere causes nspluginwrapper to hang in such a way as to consume 100% CPU. I have a dual core, so this is livable. It also happens often enough that I've modified my seamonkey launcher to "nice" the seamonkey process to as low priority as I can get it. I don't know what causes it to spike like that, but cnn.com seems to trigger it, and YouTube vids are very likely to trigger it too. I've taken to using Firefox, 32-bit on 10.2, to view that sort of thing if I have to.

Once adobe gets off their butts and released a 64-bit flash plugin for Linux I'll be a very happy camper.

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Do you do much in terms of file system duties that would require you to have access from your linux box? How do you do that without an NCP client or have you figured out a way to get the Novell client for Linux running on OpenSuse?Also, how do you get NetWare console access remotely?