Quick hits from Linuxfest Northwest

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Probably the biggest news, Ted Hagger is leaving Novell. Though the message says "March 24th", he said in session on Saturday, "Well, as of Wednesday I'm no longer with Novell." Which would imply that Tuesday April 24th was his last day. March 24th was the Saturday after BrainShare.


He's moving to a company that's doing Web 2.0 work. As that's soooo not my field, Ted is likely dropping off of my radar. He will not be doing any more Novell Open Audio.

Also, I was inspired by a session on OpenID to do a few things differently around here. I'm not sure we'll become and OpenID provider, but it is within the realm of possibility.

I learned more about Xen virtualization, which is nifty as I need to know that stuff.

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Well, I meant April. Likewise, I assume you meant "Haeger." :)