ZEN Pulsar has a name

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It is, wait for it...

Novell ZENworks Configuration Management!

One nifty feature, long rumored:
With native integration for both Microsoft* Active Directory* and Novell® eDirectoryTM
I've heard that ZEN Pulsar would have its own internal database for things like application objects and images. I guessed this was due to eventual AD support, but, hey, there it is!

We'll hear a lot more about it next week at BrainShare, I'm sure. One thing is clear, and that's this version of Zen is Windows-desktop only for the time being. Linux will come later, again we'll learn more next week. ZEN Asset Management is still a different product, as is Patch Management. No surprise there, as both products are repackaged third-party apps.

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doesn't look so good to old customers.. not so tight with eDir anymore :/