What's new in OES2

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A good many things are new in OES2. The high-points:
  • 64-bit support (woo!)
  • iFolder 3.6
  • Dynamic Storage Technology (f.k.a. Shadow Volumes)
  • eDir integrated DHCP/DNS & FTP
  • Major Samba improvements
  • DFS support, including linking to sub-directories
    • Make a link to, for example, DATA3:/shared/, rather than making a new volume just for "shared"
  • NetWare in a VM, with improved VM management
  • Xen 3.0.4+ support
    • They wanted 3.0.5, but Xensource didn't make the cut off date. So OES2 will have 3.0.4 heavily patched.
  • Service packs for OES will be synchronized with SLES
  • OES is going to be an add-on product on top of SLES, choose 'add on product' during install and use the OES CD's.
  • The 'Volume Location Database' for DFS is clusterable now
  • iManager 2.7 now has support for managing file-system trustees
  • OES3 will only have support for NetWare inside of a VM. This is a move that was pushed by the hardware vendors, NOT Novell. The hardware vendors have notified Novell that they'll be discontinuing driver support for NetWare after OES2.
The new Novell Client will be released near OES. This will be 4.91SP4:
  • It has 802.1 support
  • New client for SLED10
  • No DLU for vista, that will come from Zen

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Did you get to see it in action? Any new server side tools?