Novell open audio: Dynamic Storage Technology

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The last NOA before BrainShare: Dynamic Storage Technology

This is the official name for what has been known as Shadow Volumes. I've spoken about them many times in the past. I first heard about Shadow Volumes (now Dynamic Storage Technology) at BrainShare last year, but I didn't blog about it. Since then, there have been a few more posts.

June 15, 2006
June 26, 2006
September 13, 2006
November 30, 2006

Yeah, this is exciting stuff. The podcast had more details, here are my notes:

Jason Williams -- Product Manager for OES
  • OES2 will include Dynamic Storage Technology
  • "We recon about 80% of of that stuff [on very large NCP volumes] could be turned to stale. It's stuff that hasn't been touched in maybe 30 days or more"
  • "We have one customer out there with maybe 450 plus terabytes of data, and that's just the unstructured stuff. It doesn't even account for their databases."
  • Redirection to the shadow volume is done similar to DFS, with a pointer the client understands and then follows.
    • This avoids the migrate/demigrate problem for traditional HSM
  • This is linux-only. Not NetWare.
  • Works for NCP-clients right now, trying to get Samba working... not done yet.
  • Can set policies for what to migrated, ModifyDate, AccessDate, FileType, etc.
  • Managed through NRM
  • Can do stacked policies, a global policy, and policies for specific volumes
  • Applies to not just NSS, but to ext3, reiser, xfs, and such.
  • Requires an exclusive lock on a file before it can be migrated.
  • This is a service on top of a file-system, not a feature of a file-system.
  • Monday morning keynote demo! Right there!
  • There will be a table in the Technology Lab
For more details, listen to the pod-cast.

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Is it me or does it seem like this is the biggest "NCP server" release since 5.1? I know I care far more about OES2 being released than I was for Vista(well, I didn't care, so that probably doesn't count...).