Huh, HTML and Outlook 2007

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So I see on Slashdot that Microsoft has announced that Outlook 2007 will use Word as the HTML rendering engine. This makes sense, because they were planning on making Word the default e-mail editor.

I STILL think this is abomination, but then I've thought that about HTML in e-mail for a while now. The best thing that happened to Outlook was Plain Text mode, which if I remember right was a reaction to the HTML-virus mails of a few years ago. Only rarely do I take my Outlook out of plain-text mode to read a mail, generally because some Helpdesk person sent me a mail with an embedded screen-shot in it that can't be viewed any other way.

According to Slashdot, 'email designers' are up in arms because they lose things like CSS. Yes, it takes mail layout back 1998, but I can't view this as a bad thing. That is a personal view. And a slightly professional one, as I've spent the last three days pouring over spam and all the false-positives generated by a certain famous lingerie company having a sale; a mail that contained about every single bad behavior that folk concerned about privacy worry about. Yeah. E-mail based 'newsletters' that look like a web-page... I can see the attraction, but they make my life harder so I avoid them where possible.

So yeah, Microsoft taking CSS support out of email is something I have faintly good ideas over. It'll break the formatting of existing mails, but I very, very rarely see those anyway.

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Oh man, that sucks. Well, I take comfort that I don't use Outlook at home and I try my best not to use/view HTML in email at work in Outlook.I have to laugh at "email designers." WTH? When it comes to Windows/Office/IE, mixing products is a recipe for disaster. Ugh!