Brainshare, oops

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So. BrainShare is during Finals Week this year, not during Spring Break like most years. I had been telling everyone that I would be gone over Spring Break. Oopsie!

This is actually better. During finals week we don't to much besides work on test/dev system and firewatch on the production systems. Good week to not be here. Spring Break on the other hand is a prime time to roll out new production systems, and being in Salt Lake City during it makes that process harder. Spring Break is not a vacation for us in IT.

If we go to NetWare SP6, it'll be during Spring Break. I'll actually be here for that.

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Seriously...breaks are primetime to get crap done. Brainshare is over our spring break, which means I don't "miss" anything, but I don't get any proactive work done either.