openSUSE 10.2 out real soon

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OpenSUSE has 'goldmastered', which means that all bugs in bugzilla right now are stuck until after release. During the reconfiguration process of my new workstation I've used Beta2 and RC1-4 with Xen. I've solved a lot of problems over the time. I am this -> <- close to using openSUSE as my primary workstation with a WinXP install in a Xen container for those unavoidable Microsoft-only bits.

Such as Novell Client32, ConsoleOne, rconip, NDPS (for us), pcounter tools, and anything managed through an MMC. I'm still using Outlook since Evolution (even with the Exchange plugin) still feels like the squinty-eyed bastard step-child of the real thing.

[Brainwave: I wonder if the GroupWise client for linux looks any better? Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants]

When openSUSE 10.2 hits the servers I'll download it and refresh my install. THEN, assuming everything doesn't break, I'll try dogfooding for a while. If I can go a few days without going to the old station for anything but the stuff I CAN'T move temporarily, I may just go all the way. Scary thought. I'll still be doing most of my work in that WinXP XEN machine, but most web-browser work and SSH stuff will be in Linux-land.

Depending on how the release looks, I may just submit a Cool Tip on how to get the Nvidia drivers to compile for the Xen kernel. Needed, if I want dual-head support, and was a real fight to figure out how to make it work. Since I don't fully understand exactly what I did, I'm a bit leery of the solution, but I haven't crashed X yet so... maybe it worked out, eh?

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The cross platform GroupWise client leaves a lot to be desired. It's basically the GroupWise 6.5 client built with java swing instead of windows forms. I have seen screen shots of a more GW 7 looking client on Linux somewhere on cool blogs, but I'm not sure what the details are. More on topic, I tried to install SLED onto my primary workstation in a dual boot role since I can do a lot or work from that. iManager is just a web interface, the Novell client is available for SLED, as well as Console1. I would have to create a virtual machine for Windows as well. However, when I installed SLED, the install blew up. There is some kind of bug that causes the machine to lock up hard whenever I try to address the monitor or video adapter through YaST. I downloaded the ATI binary drivers, and that didn't solve the problem. Finding support for SLED is spotty at best.