Backups for OES

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One of the things that has prevented us from seriously considering a move to OES-Linux has been the backup problem. Apparently there has been some movement on that issue. At Brainshare this year SyncSort was quite prominent in pointing out that they had full support for backing up NSS volumes on Linux.

Today over at Cool Blogs, Richard Jones posted about the progress of this technology in the industry. The short version is that Novell implemented SMS on Linux, and for vendors that already had a solid Linux client it required them to completely rewrite it. Which would explain why it has taken almost two years for the big storage players to come out with supported product. Novell has taken steps to support the really big storage players in UnixLand (IBM, et. al.) in their clients, using extended attributes (Xattrs).

Turns out that xattr thing was slipped into a patch on the 11th of August. I wonder if that's the same package that had shadow volumes included?

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If I may, I'd like to suggest a really cool option for disaster recovery... It's NOT suitable as a straight backup, but it will restore a Linux machine to the running state and, if done regularly, would cut restore time significantly. I wrote it up at my blog: product itself is free and OpenSource. It's called "mkcdrec".I've tested it rather rigorously and it worked EVERY time.