Things progress

So far, except for a few hitches SP5 (and company) is behaving. There is an issue with the wsock6i patch, which required us to put in the wsock6j patch released yesterday. The Apache abend I posted a few back hasn't reoccured, but I'm still keeping an eye on things. Still too early to really tell if the Memory Allocator problems are a thing of the past.

BlackBoard continues to be a thorn in our side, with SP1 coming out this quickly after a major rev. That tells you something right there. I'm not sure what exactly is broken, but it isn't enough to prevent normal classes being held.

During the 4 weeks we don't have students around here, I hope to get some changes to our AFP setups. Specifically, rename the volumes to be more cluster-friendly. This'll break a script in use in our few mac-labs that auto-mounts the user's home directory, so this will have to be a coordinated thing. But not having students around will make that easier.

Then we get to put together our home-brew BCC. We're not using any real BCC software because we won't fit over that particular barrel. So we're going to use a combination of split-clustering, rsync, and related technologies. I really really wish we had a fibre to connect the SAN up here to the one going in up on campus. That would make me happy. Alas. Maybe in another year or two.

Then in September we get to cut over our datacenter onto a Cisco 6509. That will be, er, fun. Yeah, fun. But, in the end, worth it.

And I go on vacation again! It has been a summer for that. I'll be back on the 16th. Until then.

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Can you expound on the problems you saw in winsock?

Abends in WS2_32.NLM, at consistant offsets. Seemed to be related to SSL traffic.