Quick hits

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  • 1.7GB of post-SP patches is a leeeetle excessive.
  • I don't understand how Linux works with the Novell PKI
  • ndsconfig does not clean up after itself very well. Reinstalling edir requires manual deletion of edir objects for it to work.
  • OES-Linux is less user-friendly during install than OES-NW

Aaaaand that's it. More later. Have to run.

1 Comment

I am NOT a fan of the OES Linux install. It's got the polish of a primered camaro. I haven't installed an OES Linux box into my production tree yet, but I'm worried about it. The biggest issue I have with an OES Linux box lying running as my webserver, is the updates. 300+ patches. That's not even updates, which I'm going to avoid like the plauge for the forseeable future. Moreover, I can't just set the patches to run and come back the next day. Let us ignore for a moment the fact that configuring red carpet is an absurd task with little or no documentation that I could find, Red Carpet also bombs out if I try to run too many patches at once. I don't have two days straight to sit at the server prompt and babysit red carpet when it bombs out. And to make matters worse, there are so many little packages with SLES, you never know when a patch will break something. So far I've had to deal with patches breaking both Apache and MySQL. Sorry about the rants....you got me started. ;)