DS updates

We're rolling out eDir right now. This allows some of us to go to SP5 if we wish, and also gives others of us (er, me) more time to engineer an SP5 process that'll fit our environment. Since I manage our main file-serving cluster, I'm using a lot more NetWare products than anyone else. This means I get to apply a lot more post-SP5 updates to make things work.

Plus, I'm going on vacation for three weeks starting Monday. I don't want to hold anyone else back. I'll probably roll SP5 out during the inter-session between the end of Summer Session and Fall Quarter.

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I'm slowly working my way up to rolling out eDir 8.7.* from NDS 8.85c. Talk about being behind the times! As an aside, if you wouldn't mind, I was wondering if you were border manager shop. If so, what are your opinions of it? Just curious. Cheers.

We're not a border manager shop. Educational institutions are among the least likely to impliment a solution such as that, due to certain cultural features. I've never used the product, so I don't have much experience with it. But I do remember that Once Upon a Time, probably 4 years ago, it did win awards from a security magazine or two. I just remember that managing it is a combination of console utility and NWAdmin.