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I downloaded the snipsnap wiki software. I was looking for a Wiki software I could run on my workstation to experiment with data organization. I have another project at home that I am trying as well. This is a wiki driven entirely in Java, and so far it is working pretty good.

Though, I do wish I could get something as featured as, say MediaWiki, but that is a 'thick' Wiki client. It could be installed to my local machine, but it would require a php/tomcat/mysql/apache stack to make work, and that's just too much software for what I'm going to use. This package seems to be a nice compromose.

We shall see how well it works out.

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Have you tried TiddlyWiki, or it's cousin (which I use) GTD TiddlyWiki PlusThey both use client-side javascript, and can save to a local file, or upload to a server running a special php upload script. Very cool.