A neat trick

We have a problem. We need to get workstations imported into eDir. Unfortunately, we have 135 subdomains on our main DNS server, and several organizations here at WWU also manage DNS servers. That means we'd have to get 'zenwsimport' into all of them. Not gonna happen.

The HOSTS hack works to a point... but these days spyware scanners will alert the user to edits to the HOSTS file. So we can't do it quietly. Ergo, not gonna happen without a fight.

So along comes WINS. Most (but far from all) of our workstations point to the central WINS servers. It is a feature of Windows name-resolution that a WINS lookup is involved if DNS turns up nothing. So hopefully, we'll get more registrations now.

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how about putting the following in the login script:zwsreg.exe -importserver zenserver.dns.or.ip.here--Alex

...That'd work too. Good point. However, not all of our users are set as Local Admin. As I learned yesterday, that matters. So a NAL object with System Impersonation set is what I need to truly get everyone.