TUT215: SAN Troubleshooting & Concepts

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This session was surprisingly NetWare heavy! Nice to see. And useful, since I HAVE A NetWare cluster right now, and not a Linux cluster. The person giving the session was Jerry Levy from EMC, but it was NOT a sales-pitch; Novell apparently learned that lesson.

Rather than give an in-depth, I'll just give the key points I picked up. Some of it is 'well, duh,' but others are useful things I didn't know before.
  • IDE/ATA/SATA drives make good boot & OS drives. They're also good for single-user single-threaded applications due to their architecture.
  • SATA is a good choice for backup-to-disk applications, which are usually pretty 'single-user' and 'single-thread'
  • It isn't Disk Manager that causes Windows to stomp all over any media it sees, it is the use of SCSI Reservation!
  • Boot-from-SAN isn't a good fit for how we use our servers. Though for other environments it can be a good fit.
  • Novell is apparently recommending one NSS Pool per LUN. Um...
  • The drive letters in "/dev/sda/", "/dev/sdb/" etc can change without warning.
Interesting stuff. Then I had to leave for another session, this was fit in during a dead spot.

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1 Comment

Glad you enjoyed the session! In the Windows environment, the SCSI reservation issue appears in a cluster environment... non-cluster Windows environments don't use the reserves, but you can certainly still use Disk Mangler if you want to stomp on your disks :)jml