Novell News

Novell announced a while back their "Novell Open Audio" service for distributing pod-casts. The first one didn't interest me, but the second one covered Brainshare (not much new stuff) and Open Enterprise Server. The OES was where the good stuff was. A list of things covered in the pod-cast:
  • 64-bit computing is coming, but has no firm release dates.
  • There will be a 64-bit version of Client32. Novell is heading to Redmond to do some product testing on Vista of their development builds.
  • SLES10 will be released soon (Carnac says: Brainshare)
  • XEN is a big component of the future of OES and SLES (Carnac says: Lots of XEN demos in Keynotes during Brainshare)
  • XEN supports SMP
  • XEN isn't Virtual Machines, it's Hypervisor. I'll have to look up what the difference is. Apparently Hypervisor allows more efficient use of resources.
  • Novell is saying that NSS blows Reiser out of the water when it comes to handling millions of files on large volumes, such as the kind we have in our WUF cluster.
Interesting things.


Brainshare is in a few weeks and you've barely deployed on SLES9, what are your SLES10 plans?

Fooo... we're still working on the basics of integrating Linux at-all into our previously pure-Solaris environment. How transferable are the skills? How transferable are the deployment methods? How do the existing partitioning standards work? How to fit a Win/NW administrator into the existing *NIX administrator environment? Part of it is also vendor application compatibility, but that's so far secondary to the above issues.

Its sad, although entirely predictable, that NSS had to migrate (downgrade) to linux to finally be benchmarked against other file systems. And no surprise it smokes Paul's britches. Seems like Pauly will soon have to update this benchmark if he doesnt, I will and get it search engine listed quick.