More Novell blogs

This morning (March 13, for you archive viewers) I found some interesting activity in the "Recent Changes" section of the CoolSolutions Wiki. Check it out. Looks like they might be setting up some 'community' pages for blogs that talk about Novell stuff. It will be interesting to see who shows up there. I know I'm going to be in there before too long.

So far, they haven't linked the pages to anywhere else, but I expect that'll change. One of the pages is "Blogging about NetWare", which is a nice sign.

I met "Kgroneman" at Brainshare last year. He is the program director of the Support Forums and related activities.



this is fun, was just checking out blogs for my site, and now that you got the link to netware blogs i added my gwcheck.(b)log to the available page on novell's wiki, it's here now too:

*evil mad-scientist cackle*And so it spreads! live.