Arrived, Brainshare goodies!

Things are already hopping. The NCCI party at the Shilo was fun as usual. And we even had a visit by Mike Morgan, the person who organizes Brainshare for Novell. To quote:

"It's kind of nice to go to a party that I didn't have to plan."

Glad to oblige.

Meanwhile, other Novell folk have been busy! On the Wiki today I noticed this gem, File System Primer, which just happens to be a topic of one of the sessions I'm going to. Take a read! This goes over a lot of file-systems on both NetWare and Linux (mostly Linux since there are a LOT more options there). And at the very bottom a bit about 'parallel cluster filesystems' which permit mutliple access to the same files by different servers; very neat, and not a lot supports it yet. And a quote from the article, which is news to me:
The NetWare [traditional] File System is used in NetWare 3.x through 5.x as the default file system, and is supported in NetWare 6.x for compatibility. It is one of the fastest file systems on the planet, however it does not scale, nor is it journaled. An Open Source version of this file system is available on Linux to allow access to its file data. However, the OSS version lacks the identity management tie-ins so it has found little utility
I didn't know that Traditional Filesystem had hit the OSS market! Not that it has gained any traction, but still, it is there somewhere.

Also new is a BrainShare wiki. Not much on there now, but I suspect that there will be in due time.

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You links have an extra http// in them... and for some reason, FF forwards me to Wacky... :)

NWFS has been redone by Jeff Merkey, but its more shouting than code.Wiki link is dead

Thanks for the catch. Fixed the links.