In training this week

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I'm in NOV-3038 this week, so posting volume will be lighter than normal. Though if we do have internet access in the class-room, likely considering how YaST and RedCarpet handle updates, it might be a bit more than I'm expected.

Oh, and RedCarpet? Use the "patches" tab, not the "updates" tab with the human readable names and clear information about what's being updates. Not that one. The one with the cryptic "patch-1138" patches that require you to click in Information for each one to know what they do. Otherwise bad things happen. Just saying. Perhaps there is an enhancement request somewhere in there...

Not that I have anything to complain about. That's how Microsoft patches work. Or rather, we KNOW what we're patching, but we have no choice about patching since work operates on what is essentially a public-access network.

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Do you plan on giving us the full braindump when you get back? :)