I'm back!

Things did not melt down in my absence. No swarms of e-mail to thumb through. No voice-mail waiting for me to fix problems two weeks old.

But things continue to change. The AD controllers, all but one, have been migrated to blades. From the spew of boxes in the computer room, it looks like the new Titan machine is here. There is a swank new PowerEdge 2850 sitting on a table for a department's off-the-shelf something-or-other; it'll get racked in a week or so when we make space for it. The Blackboard server needs a nuke-from-orbit rebuild, which will probably get done in the dead-weeks between the end of summer session and begining of fall session.

The next big project is migrating the Faculty/Staff side of the cluster to blades. Shouldn't take all that much time, but running the fibre will be the big part.


Welcome back!ANY chance that you'd post some pictures of your NOC? Sounds like you have some nice toys! :)

Toys are what toys are. Official policy is to not permit cameras in there. Right now we have a bunch of SUN boxes cluttering up the aisles as all the various bits of the new Titan and the other one (name escapes me) are slowly assembled.