Excitement this morning

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I came in this morning to find things in a bit of a tizzy. Turns out we had some cluster excitement during the night. The exact timeline is unclear, but I think we had a switch reset in there, and a cluster-leave event on the server throwing the cache-allocator errors.

One of the three cluster nodes was rebooted and only ran parts of the autoexec.ncf file. It ran some of it, but certain bits that are required to even load certain cluster services (like volumes, FTP, and anything webby like this) didn't load. Odd. Very odd. Its running things now, but we'll have to keep an eye on it. Sadly, the relevant bits of the boot process scrolled past the furthest extents of the Logger and console screens. Netware does not have a dmesg command.

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Hey-I learned at BrainShare that you can with NetWare SP3/OES, you can hold Ctrl and use the arrow keys to scroll all the way back to where NetWare declares how much RAM the system has. Very cool stuff.-A