LDAP, eDir, and Solaris

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One of the continuing projects we have around here is to try and get Titan to accept an eDir username/password for login. This is quite doable these days, we just haven't done it yet. We're hoping to get the kinks out of the system in time for Spring quarter, though that may slip a bit.

How this works is to use PAM to point at eDir for its auth-source. This will have interesting side-effects, since we have to attach an aux-class to each user that needs a titan account, and then populate the required fields (among them, a UniqueID and a UID number). The hope is that we can rig it so that we don't have massive permissions problems on Titan. Thus the test.

So I decide to get a jump on things and see if I can make it work on a Linux environment. Only I chose my favorite distro to deploy on, Slackware. And Slackware is the only distro known to man that does NOT have PAM support built in. It seems the developer of the distro doesn't trust PAM's security model, and is smug in the fact (like Linux-geeks are at MS-geeks) that Slackware hasn't required a lot of patches thanks to PAM faults.

Ergo, this is going slow.

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Slackware, eh? Ever tried Gentoo? ;)-One of the ResTek Gentoo-fans