E-mail delays recently

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Stuff inbound to the Exchange cluster had some delays recently. Saturday night, one of the two front-end servers that accept traffic from the internet got plugged with logfiles. All in-bound e-mail then arrived on the server and sat there. As in, not delivered.

We discovered it yesterday afternoon. There wasn't enough space on the volume to commit the transation logs, so we had to take steps to get things back into working. Around 10:30pm last night, the second node came back online and the backlog started hitting queue.

Users these days assume that e-mail should transfer more or less instantly. Or failing that, within a very few minutes. SMTP wasn't designed for that. It's a best-effort thing. And in this case, mail that arrived early Saturday finally got here late Monday. It happens. Yes, the US Postal Service could have gotten some of this here earlier, but 80% of it was spam anyway.

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Possibly worth turning on circular logging on your FE gatways? Not really worth having TLogs being committed for mail that is store and forward.