Google Mail

It seems that Blogger-users like me can help test out GMail. I am, and I have some invites. If you want to give it a whirl, drop a comment to this post. I'll send the invite along and nuke the comment to minimize spam-harvester-bot exposure.

Update: Invites sent out. The comments have been whacked to avoid spam-botiness. Enjoy you two! One more invite left.


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I shied away from Blogger for a long time, but now that I know they have FTP uploads to static servers I'll probably switch from my homebrew blog to this. Thanks for giving me the incentive to create a Blogger, thanks for GMail. :D

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Tivac: They've had it for a while. They even support sftp (ssh) updates if your server supports it. Importing your home-brew will probably take some time and effort. I wish you luck!

Fortunately, blogger lets you choose what date/time you posted things, so I was able to move all the more recent posts over quite easily.Not sure how interesting you'll find this, but both Mike and I are on Planet Restek. We're student staff, so they don't trust us with any of the fun big iron but we still manage to get our hands dirty in a lot of different things.

Would love an account.Tried to get one on several sites but no joy yet.

Then drop an e-mail address in here and I'll forward one your direction.

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I would like a gmail account, please invite me...Maria

I'll need an e-mail to forward the invite to. I'll scrub the post so the spam-bots won't grab 'em.Though... if you have a blogger like I think you do, I think you can still sign-up for gmail at the dashboard.