Unexpected retrospective

A few of you may have noticed the link to 2005 in the last entry was dead. It took me a while to notice that too, and lead me to notice a lot of the older stuff wasn't resolving. It took more work than I wanted to get everything republished, but it's there now.

Along the way I discovered this gem from 2009, celebrating the 999th post on the blog.

It took a bit over 5 years to get there. And yeah, the first entries here back in 2004 look a lot like how folk use twitter now.

From 2009 to 2019 I've posted another 550 or so posts. So, my rate has slowed to a quarter of what it used to be. I blame a lot of things:

  • No longer working somewhere that a Freedom of Information Act filing could get everything I was working on. I now have secrets I need to keep, and what I'm working on can count as a secret.
  • The death of Google Reader, and a large number of my readers along with it.
  • Twitter.

I'll probably reach 20 years on this blog, which is kind of scary.