LISA12 so far

I'm on the blog team, so you'll see some familiar names over here.

This is my first trip to the West Coast after moving east, so it's the first time I've had three time-zones this direction to get used to. It's... tricky. Getting to 11pm and being ded is a new experience, as is waking up at 5am wide awake and ready to go. I'll get used to it, and then go the hard direction when I got home on Saturday.

The sessions are interesting, look for my posts on the Usenix blog for that.

The hotel is nice but is kinda isolated. Well, a lot isolated. The only food options are the Hotel places (expensive) other Hotel places, and three high end places. No quick food, and the lack of fridges in the room make hunting up a grocery store not as effective as it could be. So, food is kinda expensive.

The views are spectacular though.

My company has one of our remote workers living in this town so we had dinner Sunday night. It was great! San Diego's Little Italy has many places to eat, and the spot we landed in was a Jazz Bar with a pretty good band playing and excellent food. Perfect!

Today I have How To Succeed In Business As A Sysadmin (a.k.a. A sysadmin's guide to navigating the business world) and Documentation Techniques for Sysadmins. Tomorrow the Technical Sessions start and I'll be a lot busier blogging for that.